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NRPC Terms and Conditions

Effective:  17 Feb 2012

To join the NRPC, members must be:

a) former employees or retirees, who worked for Nortel Canada,

b) surviving partners of such employees who are entitled to current, future pension benefits, or unpaid termination benefits, or

c) friends, relatives or powers of attorney who are assisting specified former employees or survivors.  

The NRPC is a volunteer organization.  No information provided by the NRPC on this website or in its various communications is intended to be, nor should be construed to be, legal or financial advice.  

By becoming a member and providing us your email address you consent to receive electronic communications from the NRPC.

NRPC Privacy Policy

The NRPC respects the privacy of its members and is committed to protecting their personal information.  Personal information obtained by the NRPC in the registration process or otherwise, including name, address, telephone number and e-mail address will be kept confidential and safeguarded by the NRPC and used only for the purposes of the NRPC. This personal information will not be shared with others outside of the NRPC except with organizations deemed by the NRPC to be legitimately involved with your claims and benefits related to the wind-up of Nortel (for example, our legal representatives, Nortel itself, the Monitor, and the Pension Plan Administrator) who are bound by similar privacy policies. We will not provide, rent, or sell such personal information to other commercial interests. The NRPC uses commonly deployed security measures to safeguard members' information but cannot provide a 100% guarantee against loss, corruption, or theft of this information.

The NRPC requests that members ensure that the information they provide is accurate and kept up-to-date in order to facilitate our communication with you.  Your personal information can be updated using the Personal Details link in the User Menu which is visible at the bottom of the webpage when you log in.

Questions or concerns about this privacy policy should be sent to the General information contact address shown on the Contacts page.