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In September, 2009, the NRPC incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in order to better serve the needs of our members. Incorporation provides a number of advantages over our current ad-hoc organization. For members, we do not see any downside to incorporation. The advantages of incorporation are seen to be:

  • The operation of the NRPC will be controlled by agreed by-laws, rather than by the consensus approach we have used to date.
  • During the first year of operation, the leaders of the NRPC have been replaced by an elected board of unpaid volunteers. The by-laws ensure that regions are fairly represented on the board, while people with demonstrated skills can be retained.
  • The NRPC collects subscriptions which can be used for purposes beyond the scope of costs ordered by the courts. These funds, for example, may be to further our political thrust, for communications, or for legal action beyond the scope of the court order.
  • Board directors have been provided with indemnity insurance which is particularly important as we organize rallies.
  • Incorporation strengthens our hand in dealing with governments, politicians and regulatory agencies.
  • The NRPC can more easily associate with other pensioner organizations, who themselves are incorporated. Similar incorporated organizations representing defined benefit pensioners are the Bell Pensioners Group and the Canadian Federation of Pensioners.

Members of the NRPC can read more about the bylaws in the Members Only / Documents / General Information section.

The NRPC has a Board of Directors providing both functional and geographic leadership and comprised of the following individuals:

Board RoleBoard Member
President Don Sproule
Vice President Mike Campbell
Treasurer Ed Carew
Secretary John Chatterley
Atlantic Region Director Earl Sills
Montreal/Quebec Region Director Bernard Neuschwander
Montreal/Quebec Region Director Ray Hounsell
Ottawa Region Director Francois Meunier
Belleville Region Director Mary Jane MacKinnon
Belleville Region Director Darwin Hoskin
Kingston & Northern Ont. Region Director Bill Lumsden
Toronto Region Director Mike Moorcroft
London Region Director Mike Wood
Calgary & Western Region Director Stan Cruise
Non-Resident Region Director Gord Beattie
Director (Legal) Mike Brault
Director (Legal) Frank Mills

Members of the Board have been elected at the Annual General Meeting held in August, 2016. The Board meets regularly by teleconference.

The NRPC has also approved the following Officers shown with their responsibilities:

 Officer Role  Officer
 Website & Database  Barry Black
 Membership  Don Treen
 Terminated Employees  Paula Klein


In addition, the NRPC has a National Committee comprised of the members of the Board, the Officers, plus several other volunteers who deal with the regular logistical and tactical issues in pursuing our goals. Three members of the Committee are the court's formal representatives of the former employees: Don Sproule, David Archibald, and Mike Campbell. They also meet regularly with Koskie Minsky LLC.

The additional members of the National Committee are:

National Committee RoleCommittee Member
Media Clippings Eric Dodman
Legal Erskine Lowe
Legal David Archibald
Legal Adrian Donoghue

Paula Klein runs an interactive social networking group from within LinkedIn specifically for terminated employees called "Recently Severed Canadian Nortel Employees". Participation in this group is an easy and fast way to get information and updates targeted specifically at those people who have been laid off from Nortel without severance. It is also a great way to get your questions answered and to provide input to Paula and Mike Campbell on any issues and concerns you may have. Just log into LinkedIn and then click on generate an automated request to join the group.

The design of the NRPC website was originally provided by Ziad Eldata. Later, Qingshan Zhou provided technical support. Currently, David Walker provides the technical expertise for ongoing design and support of our website.

Members can find more information under Documents / English / General Info.