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While the federal government controls taxation, which has an impact on pension, and especially the level of pension funding, pensions are primarily a provincial responsibility. This section contains FAQs that are specific to each province.


When does the Ontario Pension Benefits Guarantee Fund (PBGF) come into play?
The PBGF only comes into play if the Pension Plan is wound up.

Does the Ontario Pension Benefits Guarantee Fund cover all Nortel employees?
No. The PBGF covers only those individuals who worked in Ontario, during the period they worked in Ontario.

Does the Ontario Pension Benefit Guarantee Fund cover people who took their pension out as commuted value at less than 100%.

No, section 84 of the act indicates that the benefits guaranteed by the PBGF are limited to pensions or deferred pensions.

Is there a pension benefits guarantee fund in any of the other provinces?
No. Ontario currently is the only province with a guarantee fund.


What is Québec Law no. 1?
A law that allows a pensioner to have his reduced pension assets, from a wound-up plan following a bankruptcy or under CCAA, administered by the Régie des rentes du Québec (RRQ).

What is the advantage of having the RRQ administer my funds?
Instead of converting your funds into an annuity when interest rates are very low and equities are depressed, your funds may increase in value and your pension might be improved while under RRQ administration.

What would be my pension amount?
The same as if it were an annuity purchased at wind-up. This amount would be guaranteed but might be increased as stated in previous answer.

Is it automatic?
No, pensioner must request RRQ to take over his funds from wound-up plan.

What pension plans are eligible?
Those that wound-up following bankruptcy or under CCAA from December 31, 2008 to December 31, 2011.

Who is eligible to have their funds administered by the RRQ?
Those whose place of employment was in Québec.

How long will RRQ administer my funds?
For a maximum of five years.