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What is happening to our health benefits?
It appears that health benefits are currently being paid. For now, Nortel will continue to make these payments. We are not sure how long payments will continue. If they stop, we will ask Koskie Minsky to move quickly to ask the Court to have them reinstated, but there is no guarantee that this will be successful.

Does the company have to inform us if our health benefits change?
There are no rules that require the company to do this. Our hope is that the company would inform us of any changes to your benefits so that we can communicate with them on this issue.

Do benefits include the life insurance plan?
We do not have a definitive answer to this question, but it appears that this may be so.

Why have I stopped receiving my TRA, Excess Pension, SERP or other supplementary payments?
Nortel is no longer making those payments that are funded through its operating assets. For the time being, you will not receive supplementary payments such as the TRA Excess Plan and SERP. We are not yet sure whether you will receive these payments in the future, but any payments you were entitled to will become a claim in the Claims Process.

Will your efforts include protecting our TRAs?
Yes, we will try to protect your TRAs. We are uncertain as to whether we will be successful in such efforts, as the TRA is funded through Nortel's operating assets and is an unsecured claim. (Approximately 35% of Information Session attendees were receiving TRAs prior to Nortel's CCAA filing). Through Koskie Minksy we are trying to obtain information from Nortel and the Monitor about this.

Is it possible that the government will step in to guarantee our TRA payments, health benefits or other payments if they are discontinued?
It is not likely that this will happen

If health benefits are discontinued, will it be possible for us to "step in" to the plan and pay the premiums ourselves?
It is not likely that this will happen unless the company emerges from CCAA protection and agrees to allow you to do so.

Is anyone looking for other group plans?
Not at this time.

Is there a conversion privilege for health care and life insurance benefits without proof of health?
We are not sure at this time. It will be necessary to look at the documents to make this determination.

Have my benefits recently changed?
No, but insurance rates change with age and this may cause an increase in your taxable benefits.