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  We use them all over, and often so frequently that we forget that not everyone can immediately translate them into words that are understandable. We have tried to keep their use to a minimum on this site, but inevitably they creep into text here and there. We've also tried to use a policy of completely spelling out an acronym when first used in text. But updating and edits seem to let new ones sneak in. So here's an alphabetical list of acronyms and terms. If you come across one on this site that you don't understand drop us an email at General information We'll tell you what it means and add it to this list. There is also a good glossary of terms that are commonly encountered with registered pension plans that can be found on the Canada Revenue Agency web site at


Acronym Defintion French
AIR Annual Information Return completed by pension plan administrators for CRA  DRA
AV Actuarial Valuation EA
BIA Bankruptcy Insolvency Act LFI
CAPSA Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities ACOR
CAW Canadian Auto Workers (Union) TCA
CCAA Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act (Canadian) LACC
CRA Canada Revenue Agency ARC
CSRN Comité de sauvegarde des retraités Nortel (NRPC in French, changed to SRNC)  
DBPP Defined Benefit Pension Plan RRPD
DCPP Defined Contribution Pension Plan RRCD
Excess pension Pension payout amount over the maximum CRA allows                                                          Prestations excédentaires
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions FAQ
FSCO Financial Services Commission of Ontario CSFO
GLIF Group Life Income Fund FRVG
KM Koskie Minsky LLP (our legal firm)    KM
LLP Limited Liability Partnership  PRL
MHA Member of the House of Assembly (Newfoundland & Labrador only) Député
MLA Member of the Legislative Assembly (all provinces except Ontario, Québec, Newfoundland and Labrador) Député
MNA Member of the National Assembly (Québec only) Député
MP Member of Federal Parliament Député
MPP Member of Provincial Parliament (Ontario only) Député
NRPC Nortel Retirees and former employees Protection Canada (was protection committee) SRNC
PAC Political Action Committee CAP
PBGF Ontario Pension Benefits Guarantee Fund (Ontario only) FGPR
Pro-bono free, no associated charge for work done Bénévole
RAP        Retiring Allowance Plan (Unionized personnel) RAR
SERP Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan Régime supplémentaire
SRNC Sauvegarde des retraités et anciens employés de Nortel Canada (NRPC in French)  
TRA Transitional Retirement Allowance  (Non union personnel) AT
WBA Wind-Up by Annuity