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2013 NRPC Memberships
Tuesday, 02 October 2012

The NRPC is the only organization focused exclusively on improving the outcome for all former employees/retirees of the Nortel Canada family of companies. The NRPC is a non-profit corporation run entirely by un-paid volunteers and it depends entirely on annual membership fees to cover its costs.

Your $20 membership gives you access to regular newsletters and communications from the NRPC as well as voting rights at Annual or Special General Meetings. Your membership gives us strength in dealing with federal and provincial governments and the media. That strength is going to be important this year as we continue to push for your rights in areas such as:

  • tax treatment
  • Group Life Income Fund alternative to wind-up via annuities
  • prevent post filing interest payments on bonds
  • fair share of global assets
New members can register with the NRPC by clicking on the "Register" button at the top of this page. Prior members can renew their membership by logging on to this website and then clicking "My Subscription" under the "User Menu" section which appears at the bottom left side of this page once you log on.

2013 Memberships run from 1 Oct, 2012, through to 31 March, 2014. The NRPC has achieved many successes on your behalf over the past several years but the fight is not over. You owe it to yourself to support the one organization that is pro-actively working to get the best possible outcome for you in this horrendous situation.

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