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Monday, 29 June 2009

Please click here to view detailed instructions for registering with the NRPC or paying your Membership fee.

All former employees of Nortel in Canada owe it to themselves as well as their former colleagues to join the NRPC, which is the only organisation solely dedicated to the protection of your future benefits. If you are an ex-employee, a pensioner or a surviving spouse of a Nortel Canada employee, you should seriously consider joining the NRPC as a voting Member or as an Associate in order to protect your current  and future income now that Nortel is operating under the Companies Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA).  There is strength in numbers, with more NRPC members, our voice has more impact.

  • On 14 January, 2009, Nortel Networks initiated financial restructuring under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) in Canada and is actively selling off its business units.
  • Nortel stopped paying severance, transition allowances, and deferred wages to former employees and retirees, throwing the lives of many people into great turmoil.
  • The latest estimate shows the Nortel Canada pension fund is only funded to 69%.
  • Retiree medical benefits and life insurance will cease when the company decides.

Who We Are? The NRPC is a volunteer run, not-for-profit Corporation devoted to protecting the interests of former employees of Nortel in Canada.  Our priorities are to ensure that former employees receive the benefits they were promised and to avoid the wind up of the Nortel pension fund when it is underfinanced. We pursue your rights in the CCAA process through our legal representatives, Koskie Minsky LLP, and are seeking urgent action from governments to protect our rights as citizens and as Nortel creditors.

Membership Fees: As a not for profit organization run by volunteers, we depend on the financial support of our members to cover expenses related to court representation, postage, insurance, web site maintenance, transportation and so on.  The Membership  fee is $20. The board of directors may introduce an annual fee in the future. The fee not only supports a cause that is close to your heart, but also provides certain benefits such as:

  • the right to vote at board of directors elections
  • potential access to group health insurance if we can negotiate such
  • information bulletins.

Why You Should Join:

  • to protect the pension and other benefits you earned at Nortel in Canada
  • because the NRPC is the only group dedicated solely to fighting for your interests
  • there is strength in numbers and our ability to act in a coordinated professional manner
  • your $20 supports website, mailing, & transportation costs currently being paid by the volunteers

How to join the NRPC: all former employees and surviving spouses, who belong to the negotiated or non-negotiated pension plans, or have been denied their severance payment, are welcome to join the NRPC.

There are two steps to becoming a Member; the first step is to Register and the second step is to pay the Membership fee.

Step by step instructions for registering either online or through the mail are available by clicking here then going to the Registration section.  After reading the instructions on the Help pages click on Register .

How to pay your Membership Fee: After you have registered, click here and then select Pay Membership Fee and select the instructions for paying online or through the postal mail.

How to make a Donation: Click here and then select Make a Donation.

If You Paid a Retainer to Koskie Minsky:  If you paid a retainer to Koskie Minsky LLP earlier in 2009, these retainers have now been returned by Koskie Minsky since the courts have ordered Nortel to pay Koskie Minsky as our representatives through the CCAA process.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 14 January 2010 )
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