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Here is the schedule for roadshows and webinars for those in the Nortel Managerial and non-negotiated pension plan.

Nortel Networks Limited Managerial and Non-Negotiated Pension Plan MEMBER MEETINGS AND WEBINARS

Member meetings and webinars will be held to provide Members with information about the options they have regarding the settlement of their pension entitlement.

In choosing which meeting to attend, please note that benefits earned are governed by the legislation in the province where the member was employed – if you were employed in more than one province, this means different legislation applies to different portions of the benefit – however, the law of the province in which you terminated employment determines the options you have on wind up.

Note: Due to limited seating, the meetings are for Nortel Managerial and Non-Negotiated Plan members and family only. Meetings are not open to the media or to financial planners.

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There are two ways to access the Webinars:

1. LIVE WEB (WITH AUDIO) PRESENTATION: Please access the webinar by going to Koskie Minsky's website at the following link:

You do not need to register for the webinar online but please ensure you don't have any issues accessing the above link at least a few days before the live webinar you would like to attend. Archived versions of the webinars will be posted 48 hours after the live webinar and will be available for a year after the presentation.

2. TELEPHONE ATTENDANCE: A dial-in audio-only option will be available to individuals who do not have internet access and wish to listen in to one of the three scheduled webinars. If you do not have access to the internet and wish to listen in, please leave a message on Koskie Minsky's toll free hotline at 1.866.777.6344 indicating your name, telephone number and that you wish to participate in a webinar by telephone. A Koskie Minsky representative will call you back to provide you with details about how to dial in. Please register by November 15, 2016 for any of the above webinars.